Graduated Compression Hose

Crighton Olive Dunn Surgical Group often recommends the use of graduated compression hose in addition to our other vascular treatments to ensure an efficient, successful recovery. Graduated compression hose is worn to ease the pressure on the newly treated superficial veins and enhance the blood flow of the legs.

Compression hose may also be used to treat venous ulcers. The use of hose is often recommended for patients who were recently treated with sclerotherapy to enhance the results of the surgery. Patients may need to wear the hose according to the standards set forth by their insurance company. However, Crighton Olive Dunn Surgical Group will walk you through the fitting of your hose and how to care for it.

The term "graduated” is used to describe the height of the hose, which often lays somewhere between the ankle and the lower thigh. The hose comes in different strengths, which refer to the amount of pressure applied to your legs. The pressure is segmented, with the most pressure applied to the ankle the least amount applied to the calf or thigh.

Two places we recommend getting your compression hose from are: Bach Medical Supply (417) 883-1400 and Cox Home Support (417) 269-3600.

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